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Biking and hiking without luggage

Are you planning a tour around Graubünden? Use our luggage transfer service to transport your bags between destinations. The service provides daily transport to and from over 70 hotels, railway stations and post offices throughout the whole canton of Graubünden and adjacent regions. Convenient, reliable and cost effective!

How it works: Leave your luggage at the hotel reception by 9.00. Your bags will then arrive at the specified destination during the course of the same afternoon (hotel, train station or post office). The luggage transfer is available daily during the summer season from 1st June to 31st October.

You can book and pay directly on site at the hotel without the need for advance notification. A request is only required for groups of 10 persons or more and special connections. You can also pay upon dispatch at a train station or post office – advance bookings must be made here at the beginning of a tour. 

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There is a variety of accommodation to choose from, with hotels of every kind and different options available. Sleeping is a matter of taste, and you are sure to find the ideal place to bed your head in the midst of the Alps. Find out whether your hotel participates in the scheme, for easy transfer between destinations.

Book your hotel with luggage transport directly

The network of marked bike trails covers over 4000 kilometres.  The best part? You can leave your luggage at the hotel and have it sent to your next stop. Graubünden offers thrilling trails for bikers but also easy mountain bike tours for families and beginners – any biking and cycling enthusiast will find their perfect trail here.

Mountain biking in Graubünden

Graubünden invites visitors to explore the Alps on over 10'000 kilometres of hiking trails, offering stunning sights, picturesque landscapes and a truly unique cultural diversity. Whether you go on leisurely walks, go on themed excursions or push yourself to the limit on high altitude hikes, enjoy the great outdoors and pristine landscape of our Alps – sure to touch mind, body and soul. And now you can simply leave your luggage to be conveniently transferred to your next overnight hotel.

Hiking in Graubünden

Luggage transport in Graubünden

Luggage transport in Switzerland

Take advantage of the complementary services on the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) upon arrival and departure. The SBB offers nationwide luggage transfer from the departure train station to the holiday destination and vice versa.
For more information visit: Luggage transport in Switzerland