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graubündenPASS & graubündenPASS Bike

Enjoy unlimited travel on public transport
Climb aboard and discover the delights of Graubünden with the graubündenPASS. The choice is yours whether you travel on 2 days out of 7 or on 5 days out of 14. You can choose which region you would like to travel in (1 zone), or buy one ticket to cover the whole of Graubünden (all zones). 

graubündenPASS Bike
Based on the graubündenPASS (not valid on the rail network for Davos transport services and Klosters-Serneus local buses), this is the new version specially designed for mountainbike via self-loading. The graubündenPASS Bike is valid for one day and only when combined with bike transportation.

Prices graubündenPASS

Children with a valid Junior Card or Grandchild Card travel free of charge when accompanied by a parent or grandparent. Prices do not include seat reservations or supplements.

graubündenPASS 1 Zone   All zones  
  2nd classe 1st classe 2nd classe 1st classe
2/7 days
67.- 88.- 113.- 144.-
2/7 days
children / dogs
33.50 44.- 56.50 72.-
2/7 days
44.- 62.- 86.- 114.-
5/14 days
103.- 148.- 165.- 240.-
5/14 days
children / dogs
51.50 74.- 82.50 120.-
5/14 days
77.- 111.- 131.- 189.-

Prices graubündenPASS Bike

graubündenPASS Bike 1 Zone All zones
adults 45.- 65.-
1/2-fare 30.- 50.-

Unlimited travel in the region of your choice

3 or 5 days’ unlimited travel in the region of your choice or in the whole of Graubünden on the network of the Rhaetian Railway, The Swiss Railway, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (Disentis/Mustér - Oberalppass), PostBus, Davos public transport services, Engadin Bus, Silvestri bus Livigno, Chur town buses, local buses in Klosters, Scuol and St Moritz and on the Rhäzüns–Feldis cable car and the Martina, cunfin-Mals/Malles stretch.

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Zones graubündenPASS

Take profit from the special vouchers

As holder of a valid graubündenPASS or graubündenPASS Bike, you have the possibility to take profit from special Rhätisch-Rail leisure vouchers as well as from the PostBus safer offers. This offers you a large number of special price reductions or the attractive service offers from over 30 partners.


Railservice Rhätische Bahn
Bahnhofstrasse 25
7002 Chur, Switzerland