25 Senda Segantini, Savognin - Samedan

The Senda Segantini is a unique hiking route through the incomparable Engadin and Sursetter mountain landscape. It follows the footsteps of Italian painter Giovanni Segantini (1858 -1899), the great master of combining realism with symbolism.
Every section of this route from Savognin to the Upper Engadin leads past places with ties to the artist. From the actual views that inspired him, to the Segantini Museum and where he died. Those taking this route experience the natural beauty of the region twofold: through their own eyes and from Segantini's perspective.

Giovanni Segantini was inspired by the Sursetter and Engadin landscape and the light prevailing here. The Senda Segantini still exists from this natural scenic setting. The route is lined with picturesque highlights, with Alp Flix, one of Europe's most important high moorlands, the Engadin lake landscape and Schafberg at the foot of the Piz Muragl.

The Septimer and Maloja passes ranked as key trading routes as early as Roman times and thus have much to offer in historical terms. Also of considerable importance: the three-way watershed Lunghin from which water flows into three European seas: the Black Sea, North Sea and Mediterranean.

Senda Segantini - Explanations

79 km
4 stages

Altitude differential
Savognin–Samedan: 4'300 m
Samedan–Savognin: 3'800 m

Height profil

Grade: medium
Conditions: difficult

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