85 Senda Sursilvana, Andermatt-Chur

The Senda Sursilvana affords an insight into a whole region, one which holds many natural and cultural treasures. A highland hike with several detours to the banks of the young Rhine.

The Surselva is more than a mere mountain valley. The Surselva - meaning "above the forest" – is a world apart, with its own language (Sursilvan Romansh), its own history shaped by the Disentis Monastery and the mountain passes, its own breed of men and a natural character shaped by one particular element, one which is continually gaining in value: water. It’s for a good reason that the official source of the Rhine rises at Toma Lake near the Oberalp Pass. The water, collected in dozens of reservoirs, is an energy provider. It has also eaten its way through the world’s largest mapped rockslide at Flims. It has created the imposing Ruinaulta Gorge, which can hardly be beaten for ruggedness – particularly when seen from the vantage point at Conn.

The hike through the Surselva leads through an intact landscape but also arouses cultural and historical curiosity, whether with the paintings in the Waltensburg Protestant Church or in the light of the mystifying menhir at Falera. The finale of four very varied hiking days is a tour around the Old Town of Chur, Switzerland’s oldest city.

Senda Sursilvana - Explanations

110 km
5 stages

Altitude differential
Andermatt–Chur: 5,300 m
Chur–Andermatt: 6,200 m
Altitude profile

Grade: medium
Conditions: difficult

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