Hike Switzerland: All Paths Lead to Graubünden’s Natural Splendours

In Graubünden, many paths lead to holiday happiness. That’s as true for individualists with ambitions to scale the mountain heights as it is for families in search of exciting trails or crystal-clear lakes for refreshing dips. Hiking is the best way to experience nature up close. From unwinding to getting your adrenaline kicks, there’s a suitable trail here for everyone. With its postcard alpine landscapes, magnificent views, and the cultural diversity of the Alps, Graubünden invites you to discover it step by step. So let’s lace up those walking boots and enjoy well-crafted holiday offers, from the culinary trail and other themed excursions to an extended Alpine trek. On hiking routes that pass through ancient forests and over majestic mountains, through quaint villages and sunny palazzi past farmhouses, chapels and churches. Hit the trails!

5 Reasons for a Hiking Holiday in Graubünden

  • Cable Car Package: stay one night in participating hotels and you can use the cable car free of charge, including 8 stops from Lenzerheide all the way to Scuol.
  • Experience a sustainable holiday: Graubünden’s pristine nature parks – above all, the Swiss National Park – serve as ideal territory for a variety of hiking experiences.
  • Our mountain restaurants with stunning views invite you to refuel with regional specialties after an eventful hike.
  • Panoramic adventure: An overnight stay in one of the SAC lodges or a mountain hotels high up on the mountains provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience 
  • At every time of year in Graubünden, you’ll find long-distance hiking routes and tours that will remain with you for a long time to come.

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There may be many ways to get to it, but your destination is definitely reachable:   A well thought-out system of trail guide signs and markers will always point you in the right direction.  For those hikers that want very precisely planned-out routes there are GPS-guided directions available.  The tour map will help you find the most suitable tour along with lodging suggestions and route descriptions.  The map also provides detailed descriptions of the route being taken, its varying elevations and additional background information of interest.  Whether you prefer comfortably paced paths or more challenging alpine routes you will be sure to find the best options for recreational hiking while in Switzerland.

Hiking Tours in Graubünden, Switzerland

Did you know that in most of our holiday packages, the mountain railway transit costs are included and more often than not you can also transport your bike free of charge too. For bargain hunters, Graubünden has a lot to offer; The rope park (Seilpark) in Arosa, the bathing area in Savognin and recreation complex in Lai Barnagn are all free of charge, as are the spectacular views across the region!

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Our hiking experts have put together several tips and suggestions for you. These tips should allow you prepare for the most optimal hiking experiences here in the Graubünden Canyon region of Switzerland.

Expert Tips for Hiking in Graubünden

This park is a piece of untouched nature that is awaiting both the grown-up and child explorers alike. The Parc Naziunal Svizzera is the largest nature preserve in Switzerland. Its founding in 1914 was a major milestone in the history of European nature conservation. This very first national park of the Alps and middle Europe amazes our many visitors; especially, while hiking in Switzerland. It features a wealth of alpine wildlife such as the rock goat and the marmot, alpine plants such as the Edelweiss flower, and alpine roses all of which are preserved in an untouched conservation area. The national park can be explored across 21 hiking routes.  Our suggestion: Animal lovers will enjoy it the most if they rise early in the morning!

Swiss National Park, Graubünden

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Hiking holiday in Graubünden

Between secluded forests and ice-covered mountain giants lie a thousand possibilities for discovering Graubünden. Find your own favourite hiking route here:

Our Apps have been created with only one mission: To make your days in Graubünden more beautiful and packed full of adventure. So try them out now. Download our free hiking and biking App and start planning your routes.

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Are you planning a tour around Graubünden? Use our luggage transfer service to transport your bags between destinations. The service provides daily transport to and from over 70 hotels, railway stations and post offices throughout the whole canton of Graubünden and adjacent regions. Convenient, reliable and cost effective! 
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