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Holiday Region San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

by Christian Vigne, Director of Tourism


You have a choice: unspoiled, wild nature or sheer skiing fun. There is abundance of both in the Moesano region, to which the wonderful valleys of Misox and Calanca belong. You are very welcome here with us on the sunny south side of the Alps. Our riches are nature but there is much more to discover – I will give you a brief insight here.

Surely you know of San Bernardino, the place at the foot of the pass summit of the same name. In winter the district of the Mesocco parish, which is located 15 km to the south, is part of a skiing area also popular among the people of Ticino and the Italians, thanks to the mountain railway, the cross country ski runs and the many other offers.

San Bernardino also belongs to the Misox like Soazza. This place with the unmissable Church of San Martino in the centre is something very special. It was inhabited as early as primeval times because it offers ideal geographical and climatic conditions. The holiday makers are well protected from the cold north winds here and in Soazza the sun shines more than in most other settlements in the valley. Soazza lies in the jurisdiction of one of the most important north-south connections and the romantic hotel Al Cacciatore offers very special overnight accommodation.

Calanca, that means “sloping, steep“. And the Calanca Valley (Valle Calanca), where Italian is spoken, like in Misox, is aptly named. From the valley entrance at Grono to the furthest inhabited hamlets holiday makers discover here a wild, unspoilt mountain valley, which also reveals an unexpected wealth of art treasures and which fascinates tourists with the references to the past culture of its inhabitants which are visible everywhere. Two of the most important baroque churches of the Bündner territory stand in Sta. Maria and Sta. Domenica.

The towns of Sta. Maria, Castaneda, Buseno-Molina, Arvigo, Selma, Landarenca, Cauco – Bodio, Sta. Domenica, Augio and Rossa are located in the Calanca Valley. And let’s not forget Braggio, a town that can only be reached by foot or cable car.

Whether San Bernardino, Soazza, family friendly Rossa or another destination, I am sure that you will be inspired by our hospitality and our cultural beauties. I hope you have a wonderful time in the snow!

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Location / Facts San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

Municipality San Bernardino
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Ente Turistico Regionale del Moesano
CH-6565 San Bernardino, Switzerland

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