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Squirrel Trail, Arosa

He leaps from tree to tree, pauses for a moment on a branch, works skillfully on a pine cone, and then he is off again. The long bushy tail and the ear tufts tell you that you are looking at a squirrel. Want to see this cute animal in the midst of nature? Then take your family on the Arosa Squirrel Trail, which leads from the Waldhotel National through fir woods and a few clearings to the high plateau at Maran (1,862 m above sea level). You can hike back to the village by way of Prätschli and the Prätschli road.


Time needed

1 1/2 hours

Please do not feed these numerous critters any peanuts - but you can feed them hazelnuts, walnuts or dried fruit.

Places to eat
Restaurants in Arosa and at Maran; on the trail you will find a barbecue pit.

The holiday region of Arosa

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