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The Bogn Engiadina is discreetly tucked away in the middle of the village. It is supplied by four of the more than twenty health-giving springs discovered by Paracelsus hundreds of years ago between Tarasp-Vulpera, Scuol and the two sunny plateaus of Sent and Ftan. Many of Scuol’s public fountains supply first-rate mineral water even today.

The modern pool complex is a light-flooded building housing numerous baths, saunas and wellness facilities as well as a therapy centre. One highlight is the Roman-Irish bath which combines two of Europe’s oldest bathing cultures in an exceptionally relaxing ritual. While the Romans swore by the relaxing properties of steam baths at various temperatures, the Ancient Irish enjoyed bathing in hot, dry air. When bathing became popular again in the nineteenth century, these two styles were combined to create a new bathing experience.


  • Outdoor and indoor pools
  • Grottos Steam baths
  • Saline bath
  • Whirlpools
  • Sauna complex
  • Roman-Irish bath
  • Medical Wellness Centre
  • Therapy and medical rehab
  • Beauty and Fitness Centre
  • Water temperature: 34–37°C
  • Hotel Astras, Hotel Belvédère, Hotel Belvair and Hotel Guardaval have direct access to the bath.

Water composition

Alkaline sodium sulphate springs. Naturally bubbly alkaline springs containing calcium, sodium, hydrogen-carbonate and iron Naturally bubbly alkaline springs containing sodium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate and sulphate.

Health-giving properties

Good for cardiovascular diseases, rehab following heart attack and the treatment of psycho-vegetative and functional disorders etc.

Opening hours and prices

Opening hours



Roman-Irish bath (includes the unrestricted use of the baths and saunas) must be booked in advance! Internet reservations at:

Roman-Irish bath Reservation


Engadin Bad Scuol
Via dals Bogns 323
CH-7550 Scuol

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